Fueling the Innovation Pipeline

Our Innovation Pipeline is supported by a dedicated Ideation Advisory Board comprised of a diverse group of renowned and highly experienced individuals representing multiple specializations from product development, regulatory and clinical strategy, pharmacy and reimbursement, to practicing physicians. Together, they execute a comprehensive strategic review process that allows us to identify unique opportunities for new solutions within major therapeutic areas to fill unmet clinical needs. This ongoing process results in smarter, more tactical product development that can be delivered quickly and efficiently.

A Comprehensive Strategy

Each candidate in our portfolio is designed and evaluated to ensure that it encompasses all of our predetermined value drivers: unmet clinical needs, formulation expertise, IP creation, and efficient development. The synergy of these components translates to rapid, high-value creation in our product-development programs.

Clinical Unmet Needs

  • Examples could include addressing unwanted side effects, improving compliance or efficacy.

Formulation Expertise

  • Leverages our expertise in formulation development to create a novel drug product.

IP Creation

  • Novel product and technology protection.

Efficient Development

  • A cross-functional team of experts designs creative solutions for development pathways to enhance speed to product submission.