With the EnteriCare® patented† technology, the enteric properties are integrated into the gelatin shell, not a coating. The result is an elegant, clear capsule that targets delivery to the small intestine, reducing risks of reflux, gastric irritation, and transformation of acid-labile compounds. EnteriCare enteric softgels allow for the delayed release of your compound with the clear-dosage form consumers prefer.1

VersatrolTM from Banner Life Sciences is an innovative patent-pending technology that can provide controlled release for a wide range of pharmaceuticals by incorporating the active ingredient in a lipophilic or hydrophilic matrix that is then incorporated into a soft-gelatin shell. Depending on the physicochemical properties of the drug, either a suspension or emulsion formulation can be developed. For lipophilic drugs a suspension formulation is utilized, while for hydrophilic drugs an emulsion formulation is preferred. Importantly, by applying varying combinations of hydrophilic and lipophilic excipients, customized-release profiles can be achieved.2

Soflet® Gelcap is a patented technology that enrobes tablets with either a gelatin or nonanimal film, resulting in a preferred dosage form that’s easy to swallow.3

Chewels®, a patented technology, is an adaptable platform that can be formulated to provide desired sensory characteristics. Combined with significant load capacity, Chewels offers a broad range of formulation capabilities. Our laboratory-dissolution tests indicate that the drug release from Chewels formulation can be tailored to match the release that of standard commercial tablets.4

SolvatrolTM is an effective method for enhancing solubility of active pharmaceutical compounds. Suitable for lipophilic and hydrophilic formulations, this patent-pending technology can increase your formulation options.

The LiquiSoftTM patented technology is the solid-dosage solution for when your molecule requires an oral liquid formulation. This unique chewable liquid-filled softgel is convenient, pleasant tasting, and appealing.


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